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This page is intended for the convenience of Business InterNet Systems' clients in making their monthly, quarterly, or yearly periodic payments.   In general, all invoiced charges, periodic charges and extra services ordered are due upon receipt and there will be grounds for your account deactivation if payment is not received within 15 days from due date. You must pay the full amount due for each periodic billing period regardless of whether or not an invoice was received. Just because you do not receive an invoice does not mean that one was not sent or that there is no money due. If you do not receive an invoice as expected, or if you have any questions about your charges or expected charges, please contact sales@bishosting.com. You may pay by major credit card, personal and company checks, or money order. Any account more than 15 days past due will be deactivated and there will be a $25 reactivation fee assesed.

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